Imagine someone helping you get into the best shape of your life through an intense and customized personal training session at your convenience and on your terms.

Personal Trainer and Fitness Training in Highland Park and Northbrook, IL

That is just one of the many advantages Fit 4 Life Personal Training offers you! My name is William Hall and I am a certified personal trainer and weight loss expert servicing Highland Park, Glenview, Lake Forest, and Northbrook, Illinois. My approach to personal training and the results oriented training programs I offer are second to none. I am certain that your sessions our sessions will give you the total body and health transformation you have been searching for.

Instead of having you do repetitive exercise regimens, my diverse sessions are designed to challenge your body and to make it work each and every time to provide you with the best results. Using my vast experience and knowledge about fitness and how the body works, I help you to assess where you are in your current fitness level and work with you to reach your desired health and weight loss goals. Personal trainer Highland Park and personal trainer Northbrook sessions are perfect for all individuals, whether you are a runner training for a marathon or a new mother trying to get back into shape.

No matter how old you are, keeping active and staying fit can ensure your body is always looking and feeling its best. In addition to my adult clients, I work closely with teens who are in need of athletic training as well as those who simply need physical conditioning throughout the year. I believe that teaching young adults to maintain an active lifestyle early on will carry over into adulthood and help them create a balanced and healthy body to last for years to come.

I strive to help all of my clients build confidence and strength over the course of our personal training sessions to keep them working hard towards their weight loss and fitness goals.

How Do I Start?

Taking that first step to improve your body and health is not difficult with my step by step training programs. As your dedicated personal trainer in Highland Park and Northbrook, IL., I work with you to map out the route to your new fit lifestyle.

Complete Fitness Analysis

In the beginning, we will review your current level of fitness and I will make recommendations for you as we discuss your ultimate health and fitness goals.

Create and Action Plan

Once we know where you are at and decide where you want to go, we will put a plan in place to help you get there and begin working towards a new you.


Getting in shape is just laying the groundwork. Staying in shape requires constant effort and learning. I will teach you what you need to know about making the right choices to help your new body and health last a lifetime.

Periodic Assessments

The only way to know if you are on the right track is to check your progress from time to time. That way, we can make any adjustments to make sure we reach your goals.


The advantage of working with me as your personal trainer is having a supportive partner through the process. We will exchange phone calls and emails to make sure we are both doing our part to get you fit.

You Decide Which Plan Works for You

Because I am committed to your success, I offer many different packages to help you get on your way to staying fit for life.

I am confident that my training programs will get you into the best shape your life. However, your satisfaction is what is most important to me. Therefore, I do not charge you for the first session so that you can make sure my training style is right for you.

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