Lake Forest IL Personal Training


Are you letting your gym membership collect dust in your wallet? Your membership may not be able to get you in the gym, but I can. My personal training sessions are the best in quality and value in Lake Forest IL. By keeping you motivated to look your best, I can help make your weight loss goals attainable and long lasting!

If you live in Lake Forest, IL, you have no doubt thought about going running along Lake Michigan or even going biking to get some exercise in. Unfortunately, many people find it hard to keep a constant routine going when it comes to exercising. Part of the reason is due to lake of support. Think about it; when you exercise with a friend, you are much more likely to keep the commitment to avoid letting them down or coming off as unreliable. Additionally, exercising with a friend helps you stay motivated and energized.

I understand how important accountability and support are to an effective training routine. That is why in addition to the commitment you make to me and the support I provide you with, I also offer group sessions so that you can enjoy working out with your friends. Group personal training sessions in Lake Forest IL can be highly effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Outside of our sessions, you and your friends can encourage each other to make choices that positively affect the results you receive from our training sessions. During the sessions, friends tend to help each other work harder by pushing one another. This can include encouragement through positive reinforcement, or even the creation of friendly competition. Group personal training sessions also requires a commitment from each individual. Therefore, your friends will be more likely to make sure you are consistent with the sessions and you will do the same for them.

One of my reasons for being a certified personal trainer in Lake Forest IL is to give people the option for a flexible and results oriented workout program. I look forward to helping you and your friends experience the benefits of my group personal training sessions!


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